Phenotyping of vibrios isolated from marine shrimp hemolymph

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Renata Albuquerque-Costa
Rayza Lima-Araújo
Regine Helena Silva dos Fernandes-Vieira


The phenotypic characterization of 100 Vibrio strains isolated from the hemolymph of cultured Pacific white shrimp, Litopenaeus vannamei, was performed. This process allowed the identification of 10 species: V. navarrensis (n = 53), V. brasiliensis (n = 15), V. parahaemolyticus (n = 10), V. xuii (n = 8), V. cholerae (n = 5), V. coralliilyticus (n = 4), V. neptunis (n = 2), V. alginolyticus (n = 1), V. diazotrophicus (n = 1), and V. vulnificus B3 (n = 1). These results suggest that penaeid hemolymph may be colonized by vibrios with no imposition or necessity of pathological compromising. 

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