Information For Readers

Who reads Ciencias Marinas

CM is a multidisciplinary journal about research in the different areas of marine science and is thus consulted by a broad international audience. CM readership extends to environmental consultants and federal and private agents, but it primarily encompasses members from the science community invested in the field of marine science.

Who makes Ciencias Marinas

CM is a compilation of the collective effort of

• Authors: Researchers from all over the world, credited as main contributors as they provide the main contents.

• Editor-in-chief: A renowned researcher responsible for selecting the journal contents and pursuing the journal goals.

• Associate editors: Active researchers from different parts of the world performing studies in different fields of marine science; they ensure content quality and manage the review process. 

• Reviewers: Active researchers from different parts of the world, credited as essential contributors because they help guarantee the quality of the science being described.

• In-house editors: Full-time editors committed to ensuring publication quality by safeguarding language readability, accuracy, and consistency; they also polish the style, format, and looks of the journal. 

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