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Vol. 47 No. 1 (2021)

Cover picture: Close-up of small wave breaking on a rock covered by algae (Photo: Claudia Michel-Villalobos).

Published: 2021-03-05

Effect of depth gradient and temperature on Zostera marina vegetative and reproductive phenology in the first year of the 1997–1998 El Niño

Alf Enrique Meling-López, Silvia Emilia Ibarra-Obando, Horacio de la Cueva, Pedro Ortega-Romero, Adriana Leticia Navarro-Verdugo


Temporal shifts in the abundance and feeding of a marine fish community in a coastal lagoon in southeastern Mexico

Daniel Arceo-Carranza, Emanuel A Dorantes Acereto, Lesli C Hernández-Mendoza, Xavier Chiappa Carrara


Internal bioerosion in massive corals associated with reef communities in the northeastern tropical Pacific: The effect of intrinsic and extrinsic factors

Jazmín Arleth Cosain-Díaz, José de Jesús Adolfo Tortolero-Langarica, Alma Paola Rodríguez-Troncoso, Eric Bautista-Guerrero, Diana María Antuna-Roman, Patricia Salazar-Silva, Amílcar Leví Cupul-Magaña


Soft-bottom macrofauna along the coast of Bahía de Los Ángeles, Gulf of California, during the summer and winter

Luis Enrique Ángeles-Gonzalez, Elena Solana-Arellano, Victoria Díaz-Castañeda, Olga Flores-Uzeta, Maricarmen Necoechea-Zamora


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