Length–weight relationship and condition factor for 7 loliginid squid species in Mexican waters

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Jasmín Granados-Amores
César Augusto Salinas-Zavala
Juan Ramón Flores-Ortega
Mariana Díaz-Santana-Iturrios


The length–weight relationship and the condition factor are key parameters in stock assessment. Despite the fisheries potential loliginid squids have in Mexico, the group is scarcely known and no formal management has been implemented. A total of 1,105 squids captured on the Pacific and Atlantic coasts of Mexico were measured to estimate length–weight relations and condition factors. Except for Lolliguncula brevis and Lolliguncula argus, all species showed negative allometric growth. The 2 species with isometric growth showed a poor condition, according to Fulton’s condition factor, and the rest of the species were in good health, according to the relative condition factor. The type of growth exhibited by the species identified in this study could be associated with their swimming habits or otherwise be affected by the same variables that determine the type of growth of other squid found in Mexican waters. The parameters evaluated in this research are now available for incorporation in further fishery stock assessment models for loliginid squids.

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