In memory of Christine Harris

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We dedicate this issue to the memory of Christine Harris, a Ciencias Marinas (CM) foundational component who helped solidify the journal’s bilingual format. Early in December we bade our last goodbye, but we hold with us her professional commitment and all the memories we made with her. Chris, as we all knew her, helped bridge language barriers in science communication, making the journal more inclusive and making it possible for more readers to access scientific contents that would otherwise be limited to monolingual institutions. She began translating with CM in 19 September 1988, and during her 26 years with the CM Team, she not only translated and copyedited countless manuscripts for the journal but she also used her language skills to help many colleagues at the Institute for Oceanographic Research (Autonomous University of Baja California), our publishing house.

Chris was a key figure in adopting and maintaining language and editorial standards that are crucial for disseminating quality academic publications. Her contributions strengthened our editing practices and improved our quality standards, as she set a high bar for us to continue to build upon. We will always remember how much Chris loved her job, and we will specially remember her integrity and her sense of humanity.

Chris, you will always be part of CM.


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