Published: 2014-06-30

Growth and reproduction patterns of the winged pearl oyster, Pteria sterna, cultivated in tropical environments of Mexico: Implications for pearl farming

Irene Serna-Gallo, Javier MJ Ruíz-Velazco, Héctor Acosta-Salmón, Emilio Peña-Messina, Guadalupe Torres-Zepeda, Pedro E Saucedo


Oceanographic conditions over the continental shelf off Magdalena Bay (Mexico) in 2011–2012

Oleg Zaitsev, Armando Trasviña-Castro, Jean Linero-Cueto, Gilberto Gaxiola-Castro, Jushiro Cepeda-Morales


Analysis of fetch-limited wave growth using high-frequency radars in the Gulf of Tehuantepec

Vladimir G Toro, Francisco J Ocampo-Torres, Pedro Osuna, Héctor García-Nava, Xavier Flores-Vidal, Reginaldo Durazo


Effect of stress on the ecophysiological response of the sand dollar Dendraster excentricus from northwestern Mexico

Tatiana Olivares-Bañuelos, Salvador Figueroa-Flores, Eugenio Carpizo-Ituarte