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Vol 44 No 3 (2018)

Cover picture: Cystoseira algae samples from the coast of Tunisia (Bouafif et al. this issue).

Published: 2018-09-28

Spatiotemporal distribution of Vibrio parahaemolyticus in relation to environmental parameters in a coastal lagoon on the Pacific coast of northwestern Mexico

Ana M Rivas-Montaño, Irasema E Luis-Villaseñor, Pablo Piña-Váldez, Bruno Gómez-Gil, Marcial L Lizárraga-Partida


Discrimination of 3 dominant mangrove species from the Pacific coast of Mexico by spectroscopy on intact leaves

Francisco Flores-de-Santiago, John M Kovacs, Francisco Flores-Verdugo


The carbonate system in coastal waters off the northern region of the Baja California Peninsula under La Niña conditions

Norma Oliva-Méndez, Francisco Delgadillo-Hinojosa, Paula Pérez-Brunius, Augusto Valencia-Gasti, Miguel A Huerta-Diaz, Eduardo Palacios-Coria, J Martín Hernández-Ayón


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